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Born in Tripoli to Tunisian and Libyan parents, French fashion designer Nabil Younes is quite a globe trotter. His clients and friends come from the four corners of the world. International and Arab celebrities of the likes of Paris Hilton, Monica Bellucci to Sabah, Hend Sabry, Nelly Karim or Haifa Wehbe have stepped out on the red carpet in his gowns.

After meeting up at the presentation of his latest collection “Love in Roma” during Paris Fashion Week, end of last February, Susan Sabet reconnected with Nabil this week.

fashion designer Nabil Younes

10 questions were on her mind:

Q: Where is home?

A: Paris is my home. This is where i feel comfortable and inspired and it is the city that suits me most.

Q:What inspires you most?

A: From museum visits, especially fashion museums, to old movies.  The beautiful dresses female fashion icons like Dalida, Om Kulthom and Sabah wore.   I also get inspired from HM Empress Farah Diba and Princess Diana.

Q: Who is your client?

A: They are beautiful, charismatic and educated women. Because in my opinion women who possess beautiful and intelligent souls are the most beautiful women.

Q:Your signature look?

A: My signature look is simple yet elegant. I love when the dress becomes the beautiful frame that enhances a woman’s beauty, and does not take away from her aura.

Q: Tell us about your latest collection.

A:  “Love in Rome” tells a story about the historic beauty of the females icons of Rome. I used a mixture of colors to paint a picture of that essence. The launch event was attended by the one and only Sophia Lauren and the beautiful Naomi Watts and it coincided with my 40th birthday, so i got to celebrate both my new collection and my birthday with 40 of my amazing friends and clients.

Q: How are you dealing with the current crisis?

A: The situation is not good obviously. I am a person who loves life and values creativity and this lock down is limiting my ability to produce new exciting pieces.  However I am utilizing this time to create my new masterpieces, in creating something new, that gathers both design and art.

Q: The most difficult moment in your career?

A:  An artist who didn’t appreciate the work I had put into her custom made pieces for one of her video clips. However the experience helped me a lot, as I pushed myself harder. She actually came back three years later after I already worked with top celebrities like Haifa Wehby and my name became bigger. I didn’t work with her again though.

Q: How has the fashion industry changed since you started?

A: The fashion industry completely changed due to the economy changes. Before we used to create masterpieces that are worth millions , nowadays the shoppers behavior changed as people are more into practical pieces than artistic pieces. But I don’t like to indulge in prêt – à- porter, as I prefer haute couture all the way.

Q: Your advice for emerging designers from the Arab world?

A: I  advise them to start training in a big fashion house to learn the art of designing and not rely completely on their own understanding of fashion, as this could be the beginning of an end. Pick your own line of creativity, learn , enhance your abilities, then you will be ready to launch your own career.

Q: Lastly, which of your dresses would you want me to wear?

A: A  sheer short black dress made of lace and tulle. I think it will look fantastic on you!


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