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So what exactly is clean makeup? And why is it taking over the market?

Jessica Alba, A-list actress and founder of the billion-dollar Honest Company successfully relaunched her Honest Beauty line in 2018. She described clean beauty as, “Trying to get that actual payoff that you don’t normally get, but with a cleaner, better-for-you ingredient story.”

Clean beauty is all about transparency and being aware of the ingredients you are putting on your skin. All the ingredients in clean products are organic and free of toxins. Another advocate of clean beauty is fashion mogul, Victoria Beckham, who recently released Victoria Beckham Beauty. She mentioned on her website, “The ingredients we put in our formulations matter, because clean products free from harmful toxins should be a universal standard”. It is clear that customers are more drawn to products that are honest about their ingredients and attentive to consumer’s safety.

With the progression of clean beauty this year, more people are becoming more conscious about what they are applying to their bodies. Here are some of the top clean products on the market now:

ILIA – Limitless Lash Mascara

Honest Beauty – Soothing Daily Moisturizer

Victoria Beckham Beauty -Smoky Eye Brick Palette

RMS Beauty – “Un” Cover Up Cream Foundation

100% Pure – Pretty Naked Face Palette

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