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Undoubtedly there are so many cosmetic brands to choose from, those that have been around for very long and gained huge popularity. But lately there has been an incredible boost in local brands that have made Arabian beauty stand out incredibly. These brands started locally and are now spreading their glamour around the rest of the world. Beauty experts in the Middle East have been working in fine-looking ways to create signature makeup, skincare and haircare products. Their home grown products work out that glowing touch, shining hair and outstanding finish that we are inspired by.  Here are some of most sought after brands:


You’ve probably heard of the name numerous times but let’s just remind you about how it all started in 2013. Huda Kattan is the real master of beauty with over 40.9 million followers on Instagram today. She is also the one who started this multi-million dollar beauty brand based in Dubai. The Iraqi beautician has gained significant attention, particularly because of her awesome tutorials on her official Instagram page which inspire every woman to do her makeup just like a pro.

Huda Kattan

Don’t miss the latest range of matte and metal liquid shadows that help every gorgeous woman find what perfectly suites her skin tone. Just like all of Huda’s well known products, the five newest shades are super easy to use, double ended which include the velvety matte and metallic shimmer.

Melted Shadows swatches


The organic ingredients used in Shiffa’s skincare products create a natural healing process and give the face and body a smooth and shiny look and feel. Given her strong interest in dermatology, Dr. Lamees Hamdan established her own brand in 2002 in UAE. Since then there has been an increasing admiration for her products due to their effectiveness and aim to treat stretchmarks, enlarged pores, skin pigmentation and improve skin elasticity and form. We can trust the quality and care we get from Dr. Hamdan who strives to unlock the secret of youth.

The range of skincare products by Shiffa.


The Emirati owners of Tips & Toes who started off as salons, providing manicures and pedicures have now created a new collection of gel nail polish colours for each and every season. The collection is complied in their Tito catalogue where you can pick and choose colours that match your outfit or mood.

Range of nail colours by Tito.


The Kuwaiti brand was launched in 2015 and is now evolving in the beauty world. It’s name is pronounced as ‘KOHL’ which is the Arabic word for eyeliner and where the idea originally came from. K7L provides a variety of makeup that is long-lasting and full of anti-oxidants for the ultimate skin protection. Whether it be their fabulous lipstick, anti-aging foundation or professional makeup brushes, all their products are of high quality and durability. Ladies, K7L products can be found in stores located in Kuwait and the UAE or online.

Range of lipstick by K7L.

A variety of K7L products and brushes.


A group of three Kuwaiti sisters, Sarah, Nora and Dana Al-Ramadhan worked hand in hand to showcase their sparkle and bring makeup, skin and hair products to the spotlight in 2013. Prior to that they were focused on offering facials and makeup artistry services but it was just about time to take it to another level. Apotheca sells a number of other brands on their website and ships all around the Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Apotheca founders: , Sarah, Nora and Dana Al-Ramadhan


The Moroccan singing star Bassma Boussel introduced her own cosmetics brand in 2017, selling a collection of skin oils and creams in Morocco and Egypt. Bassma expresses her admiration for beauty by combining some magical Moroccan ingredients in luxurious packaging. Her famous lip care collection consists of lip scrub, lip balm and lip plumper that adds a sweet tint to your lips.

Bassma Boussel


Last but not least comes one of the youngest Egyptian brands Heidy’s Beauty by the stunning actress Heidy Karam. All natural products were introduced mid 2019, a collection of summer, glossy lipsticks and lip balms packed in convenient containers.

Heidy Karam

Glossy lipstick collection.

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