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Every girl strives to have the perfect face, flawless skin and the glow she admires on models. But little do they know, this doesn’t come as easy as it looks. As the weather is getting warmer and spring is just around the corner, here are some beauty hacks every girl should know.

Concealer on Pimples:

As the season is changing from cold to warmer temperatures and the skin has to adapt to this transition, you might get some skin irritation that leads to pimples as a result. A lot of people think foundation is the best solution to hide these unwanted pimples but this is wrong! It’s better to use a concealer than a foundation since you’re trying to make your skin breathe well to avoid any extra irritation. Concealers are more light on your skin while smoothing out any irregularities and skin discoloration. All you need to do is mainly place your concealer on top of the pimple and blend with the area around it to have a better looking skin.

Baby Powder with Mascara:

If you want long, fuller lashes, here’s a trick, Baby powder! Apply the first coat of your mascara then take a cotton swab and add baby powder and brush it over your lashes. You’ll be thrilled with the result after you apply your second coat of mascara.

Vaseline for Eyebrows:

The shape of eyebrows is very important and affect the total look of the face. Using eyebrow mascara or eyebrow pencils too often can weaken your eyebrow hair leaving you with empty spaces in your eyebrows. Vaseline can help you avoid that. You can easily tame your eyebrows with applying small amounts of Vaseline and after that, just use a brow brush to see the amazing result.

Hydrating Primers:

A good hydrating primer is like magic, blurring fine lines, unifying skin tones with long stay effect. Everyone is still underestimating the effect of primers. Why use foundations daily when you can only apply primers and get the same effect? Primers can stand on their own for a daily natural, smooth look. It can also make applying foundation easier and reduce the amount of use creating a barrier between your makeup and your skin while remaining light enough to make your face feel like it’s melting.

White Eye Pencil:

Some days, we wake up with the biggest dark circles under eyes that no concealer can hide it. A white eye pencil is the secret magical solution to fix this. Apply white eye pencil under your eyes and in the corners and add white eye shadow under your eyebrows to have a clearer, more beautiful look.

Combine SPF and Moisturizer:

While choosing a moisturizer to your face, try buying one with SPF too. These multi-tasking daily moisturizers will assist you in slipping in “sun protection” to your skin routine when warmer days come. It helps you avoid the extra exposure to sun rays that harms your skin and leads to early age wrinkles.

Lip Peeling:

Here a proven home recipe for mild peeling before applying your lipstick for fuller lips and great lipstick effect: Mix sugar, a little lemon juice and coconut oil and put on your lips using a toothbrush to scrub. Then app;y lip balm  immediately after and see the incredible effect.

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