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Cairo based, Palestinean jewellery designer Dima Rashid, celebrated her 15 years in business with a big bash! Adding glamour to the event she hosted Lebanese designer Hassidriss who wowed the crowd with his collection of evening wear. Spotted among the guests the Arab world’s leading movie star, Youssra, actresses Laile Eloui and Nelly Karim and Cairo’s high society. Highlight of the evening was a surprise appearance by no other than Abla Fahita.

To commemorate the anniversary, Dima Jewellery released a stunning one of a kind capsule collection.

The anniversary collection is a true presentation of unique artistry and brilliance, featuring a selection of the rarest stones and elegantly crafted carvings: the 18-karat yellow gold brings unity to the masterpieces, and the colourful vibrancy of the handpicked gems perfectly pair with most exquisite and scarce carvings.

Here is a look at some of the  iconic pieces from Dima Jewellery’s anniversary collection:

Turquoise carving of Mother Mary’s face balanced with three citrine drops that promote creativity and encourage self-expression.

Two ultra-rare black jade rings carved in reptile shapes and highlighted by diamond & ruby strands.

Exceptionally carved black jade alligator and snake earrings that restore self-harmony, in addition to beautiful drops of ruby that promote wellbeing.

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