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Inspired by sentimental jewelry symbolically known as “toi et moi”, Victoire de Castellane has dreamt up Dior et Moi, a transgressive new high jewelry collection that pairs and mixes exceptional and semi-precious stones.

Dior Et Moi Pink Sapphire Opal ring in pink gold, diamonds, pink sapphire, opal, pink and blue lacquer.

In a break with tradition, between-finger rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings dare to bring together unconventional colors, proportions and shapes. Diamonds, emeralds and blue or pink sapphires, with brilliant, pear, cushion or oval cuts, find a joyful counterpoint in red spinels, tourmalines, rubellites, kunzites, turquoise, opals and pearls. One of Victoire de Castellane’s favorite stones, the opal takes pride of place in an XXL version. Each piece is worked on both sides, like secret jewels.

Dior Et Moi Tribales Emerald Malachite earrings in yellow gold, diamonds, malachite, cultured pearl, opal, emeralds and green lacquer.

Dior Et Moi Sapphire Lapis Lazuli ring in white gold, diamonds, sapphires, lapis lazuli and blue lacquer.

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