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PASHION puts the focus on the exclusive capsule collections Egypt’s leading online shopping platform, Mitcha – has lined up for the holiday season.

The students from The Design Studio by Azza Fahmy, present an exclusive collection. The school was founded by Azza Fahmy back in 2013. The collection consists of two hoop earrings and one long necklace, all in brass, inspired by the Siwa Oasis. Two other pieces are inspired by rich African patterns.

“Be original and do not imitate other people’s work or trends. Create your own visualization of the future and stay proud of your own heritage,” Azza Fahmy

Egyptian fashion house Maison Saedi presents an exclusive ready-to-wear collection in tune with this season’s key trend.

“This season we were lucky to collaborate with Mitcha and unite our forces in order to meet the client’s and market’s needs and current trends. The collection is a result of hard work from both entities that we are really proud of.” Ahmed Saedi

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