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Located in the Riyad Park, this Guerlain boutique is totally dedicated to fragrances, pays tribute to the profession to which our House owes its renown since 1828: the profession of Perfumer.

Through a fabulous presentation display, made possible thanks to the previously unseen archives from its heritage, Guerlain invites you to discover the World and Wonders of the perfumer.

With one of the widest perfume collection in the world, Guerlain is stepping up their game, the boutique offers a wide range of choice with 110 fragrances available out of the 1,100 created since 1828.

Another game changer: L’atelier de personnalistaion (the art of personalization), the Riyadh Park Boutique is now offering the unique experience of being able to choose the look of your fragrance as you wish. Bottles, colors, perfumes, neck bows, tissue paper… Guerlain provides the materials and shares its know-how with the artist that lies in everyone.

Location: Riyadh Park – Ground floor, next to Entrance 2.

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