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Summer is all about sun, tans, warm colors, glitter and fun! People nowadays are clearly obsessed with tanning and having a perfect glowy skin. You name it: tanning oil, body highlighter, glittery makeup looks, they must shine from head to toe in order to be rocking the summer. But it hasn’t always been this way. Tanning has gone in and out of fashion. Having tanned skin before the 1920’s meant being part of the lower class, who worked outside, therefore were exposed to the sun. High class women had to maintain a very pale skin, sign of their elegance and wealthiness. Throughout the years and generations, people had to find alternative solutions for tanning during the winter period (sun-less tanning): UV lights, sun-tanning creams, oils, sprays… or cosmetics, like bronzers. Today having tanned skin is a beauty standard and everybody wants a tan and a glow. This summer 2019 we are spoiled with all the beauty products of our favorite brands that will make our faces and body look just luminescent and gorgeous. Let’s start with body products that we will definitely need :

This Christian Dior beautifying protective oil in mist sublime glow is the must have oil to not only having the most beautiful tanned and shiny legs of the beach but also being protected, no one wants to finish summer with a burned skin..

In the same category, we have this gorgeous gold body oil from Joelle which will take your shine game into the next level.

Still focusing on shine but this time on your face with this totally amazing liquid highlighter by Dolce & Gabbana.

Remember what we said about being perfect from head to toe, that of course includes nails, thanks to Dior, our nails will shine bright like diamonds with the sunglow nail polish.

Now let’s focus on perfecting our skin with the Guerlain Terracotta which has a gorgeous packaging but also simply beautiful warm and hot colors, perfect for the summer.

And now onto the final touch for achieving the perfect summer full of warmth makeup look: BRONZER, the must have product for makeup lovers. This year, thanks to Yves Saint Laurent we will, with no doubts rock the summer and have all eyes watching.

With all these amazing beauty products we’re sure you’re going to be the IT girl everybody wants to look like.

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