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Until November 30th, UNFAMILIAR FACES: Beaded Portraits of Egyptian Women by artist Dina Hafez is showcased at Kulture House.  A celebration of the ancient art of beadwork and how it has been an integral part of Egyptian history. Art, design and uniqueness run through the veins of Kulture House and supporting artists is a pivotal part of the Kulture House mantra. Beads are used abundantly in daily life in the creation of jewellery and garments, as well as religious ceremonies and celebrations. They are versatile and add such beauty to whatever they adorn. Designer, Dina Hafez is working with a craft that has been passed down for centuries, modernizing it to create contemporary pieces that explore heritage and identity. By layering vintage photographs, graphic design, and bead embroidery, UNFAMILIAR FACES questions the connection to heritage and how it is remembered.

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