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In an exclusive interview former Miss Egypt and TV beauty program host Amina Shelbaya shares her daily skin care regimen that she cant stress enough, is extremely important during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Amena Shelbaya beauty progra,

“The first step for your beauty regimen is always your skin. Did you know that your skin starts to age as early 20 years old? And it is hydration what our skin lacks the most. Hydration is the key to beautiful skin.

During Ramadan we don’t drink enough water. So it is very important that after we break the fast,we make up for the loss of fluid and drink plenty of water to give our skin the hydration it needs.

Many women think it is enough to apply moisturizer several times a day to make up for the lack of water intake. This is not the solution.  You need to establish a daily routine, that during Ramadan is more important than ever to avoid our skin looking dull, pale and tired.

Before I start taking you through the step by step of your daily skin care routine, I would like to stress that it is essential to follow all steps to achieve the desired result.

We start with the Daily Morning Routine:

Use foam cleanser on your face and neck to clean and hydrate your skin and get rid of dead cells. Wash off with tab water using a circular motion. Do not use any soap as they take out all the moisture from your skin

Apply toner to your face and neck to close up the pores again and return skin to its normal condition. Pores opened up by the foam cleanser stay open for 3 hours and will attract dust and pollution. The toner also regulates the skin’s PH balance. Always apply from down to up and avoid the eye area.

Applying both eye and face serum is extremely important during Ramadan for extra nourishing the skin. The small molecules of the serum allow it to penetrate much deeper into the skin than your regular moisturizer. Apply the face serum in circular motion or from down to up. Apply the eye serum from the outside to the inside under the eyes, and from the inside to the outside above the eyes.

Apply your day cream that has to have a minimum SPF 15 to your face and neck, to protect your skin from the sun and seal the moisture inside your skin. The day cream also serves as the base for your make-up. Apply in circular motion or from down to up and avoid the eye area.

Apply your eye cream, that is completely different from a regular skin care cream because the skin around our eyes is different. It is thinner, has less elasticity and has no fat cells. There is no eye cream for dry or oily skin. We all have the same skin around our eyes, the only difference is its appearance with time. So it is very important we take extra care and moisturize well, as it is the first part of the face that shows the signs of ageing. To apply tap lightly from the outside to the inside under the eyes, and from the inside to the outside above the eyes.

Now we finished our day routine. Our skin is clean, nourished and protected.

The steps for the night routine are the same as for the day routine, with one exception. Before you sleep wash your face with the foam cleanser, apply the toner, eye and skin serum and eye cream and replace the day cream with a night cream.

The night cream is very important, as it is at night your skin switches from ‘protect’ mode to ‘repair’. Damaged cells are repaired and new cells grown. As important it is that you sleep in a clean and relaxed environment your skin also has to clean and have a nourishing cream that helps to regenerate your skin.

This day and night routine is especially important in Ramadan. For optimum results I also recommend the use of a scrub and mask twice a week. A weekly scrub will get rid completely of all the dead cells and will allow the skin to be more efficiently moisturized and nourished . Choose another day to apply a hydrating and nourishing face mask.  For normal and dry skin use a hydrating and moisturizing mask. For oily and mixed skin use a hydrating mask that will still give your skin enough moisture.

Following those skin care regimens is very important, especially during Ramadan, even if we apply less make-up than usual. We lack water intake and our diet and sleep patterns are changed.  As much as our lifestyle is changed our skin is also effected, and even if we do put on some weight our face is prone to look dull and tired.”

For more beauty tips and tricks follow Amina on her Instagram.


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